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Peter North Deal

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Peter North has to be one of the most well known studs to have ever whipped out his monster cock in a porn movie. This guy must have been in close to a billion scenes by now and it is no surprise that he has decided that he needs to have his own website.

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However, from a perverts point of view what is it like to have a site that focuses on one male performer?


What I say to that is that you simply cannot allow it to put you off because yes he is in the vast majority of scenes, but there are so many different women on his site that they keep it interesting. A number of the scenes that he does not appear in is simply because this site also contains movies that he has been the director of, but that does not alter the fact that the action is hot and horny just as you would expect.

Considering the length of his career it is no surprise that there are well over 2,800 movies to check out along with over 800 photo sets. It is actually quite surprising that there are not more movies, but hey you cannot complain with thousands of scenes can you?

The only problem is that the older material is clearly not of the same quality as you get elsewhere, but then that is all down to improvements in technology and the appearance of HD. Do not hold this against the site as the action itself is hot and you wonder how on earth some of the chicks manage to take his huge cock in their ass or mouth, but they do manage it.

The scenes can be streamed and downloaded and you also get access to another 30 websites that are all full of hot and horny porn. It looks as if Peter North has decided to spread his own personal joy far and wide and boy has he splashed himself all over the place.

Evil Angel Deal

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So unless you have been on Mars for the last couple of decades, then you are going to have heard of Evil Angel. This is a porn production company that has won so many awards that my hands would hurt with typing them all out here, so I won’t bother.

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However, they no longer focus entirely on producing those hot DVD’s that they are so famous for because now they also have their website to think about and I have the wonderful task of checking it out on your behalf.


Of course the first thing that hits you is just the sheer quality of the content. I am talking about scenes that can rightfully be mentioned as being some of the best out there not only from a production point of view, but also the action. You see, as you wander through what they have to offer you are going to notice that there are so many of the top names in the industry appearing in their scenes and that alone should tell you a lot about the company in general.

With the actual action you are looking at being exposed to everything that you would normally expect from a site such as this. I am talking about there being a plethora of anal scenes, oral, cum shots, some squirting, fucking in every position you can imagine, and so much more. They do certainly know how to keep your attention as well because the scenes are generally around 25 minutes long and you are not going to blow your load within the first 5.

It should also not exactly come as a surprise to hear that they do have a lot of content available. I am talking about more than 9,000 different scenes and well over 4,000 individual photo sets. That is going to take you a hell of a long time to work through, but your life is made so much easier thanks to the site having a very simple navigation system. All you need to do is search for certain models, types of scenes, or even just look for the latest additions and it is all presented to you within seconds.

With a site like the one provided by Evil Angel there is never any need for you to go elsewhere for your porn. These guys are one of the top producers in the industry and that is pretty obvious as soon as you go to that home page and check them out for yourself.

Plumper Pass Deal

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What comes first into your mind when you hear the word plumper? You will most likely have some kind of squishy and mushing thing or anything that you can squeeze thought of inside your head, if you have an innocent mind.

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That is quite unlikely, which means your perception of it would be something like an ass that you can press and lick and play with anytime you want. Because yes, thinking green is the new in of today and guess what, we’re still at peace. Anyways, you definitely have an accurate perception of the word which means you deserve to be rewarded. Watching Plumper Pass alone gives the notion of being Rewarded.


Going by my experiences, PlumperPass is quite a sophisticated website where they feature a lot of nudity involving big ass mothers and motherfuckers and fathers or husbands coming altogether for a sweet and sexy reunion. This was my first impression about the site and to this day, I can say that I’ve never been wrong. Plumper Pass is so concentrated on anal sex that it gives you more than what you need of it as a good daily dose. You will also notice how the youngsters in the site are so experienced in fucking their mothers and big ass cougars that you would want to become one of them yourself.

Plumper Pass certainly gives you nothing but the best. You will be able to enjoy a vast range of videos and all the videos by the way are diversified the same way they are categorized. This 3000-videos based site lets you enjoy easy streaming through its friendly tube player and allows you to find what you are looking for without any difficulty through its advanced search option. All the videos are downloadable and half of the collective number can be played in HD mode. There are also photo galleries that you might be able to enjoy if you love macabre scenes and such.

So, is this site worth paying for? Indeed it is. For me, it is one of the best $21.65 porn site I’ve ever come through in my entire porn life. Enjoy!

Dog Fart Deal

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If you’re thinking about enjoying some good old porn that’s kind of in the queer side, then you’re definitely going to enjoy what Dog Fart has got to offer you.

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Rather than sounding gross, the collective sentiment of all those who subscribe to DogFart find the name of the site itself profoundly entertaining. Rather than vicariously experiencing that brown gas swirling throughout the atmosphere, Dog Fart draws quite a different response to its patronages. For one thing, though, the real story behind such name came from the whole idea of it being a black is the majority kind of porn site.


The creation of this site revolved around the idea being that black people mixed with white people in the society can really trigger some extent of sexual drive because most black people are beefed up and in that sense, attractive. Statistically speaking, 6 out of 12 women enjoy the company of black people not only because of their spontaneous approach and wonderful talks, but also because they have a certain sexual prowess, making them quite the perfect bed mates. They have big penises and real abs. Like what else could a woman look for with all of that?

Dog Fart was originally a small base porn site consisting only of over 40 videos that were mostly POV porn videos. Due to the patronage level it was able to garner last year, it became exponentially bigger now having over 1200 videos in its widely scoping database. Most of the videos are playable in HD mode and they can even be downloaded. Downloading the video also allows every user to choose what format he wants it to be in such as MP4, WMV or as a simple FLV file. Add to that the fact that there are also over 1000 photo galleries in DogFart, which would sum up to over 200,000 high quality pictures all in all, if all the galleries are collapsed or expanded to the atomic level of viewing.

The Verdict

Dog Fart’s subscription rate is only at 9.99 dollars a month. Considering the vast range of content it delivers, it is definitely worth subscribing to. So, enjoy!

Nuru Massage Deal

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How relaxing is a nice sensual massage? It has to be one of the best things that you can have done, but it would be even better if the massage was like the ones you see on the Nuru Massage website.

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This type of massage involves showering and naked bodies rubbing against one another thanks to the use of oils and if it sounds pornographic and sexual, well it is. However, it is also an actual massage technique and that itself makes things a bit hornier. The fact that we can then watch the performers do the massage and then fuck the client until they cum is just a major bonus.


The entire website focuses on the sensuality of this type of massage, but I am here to tell you that it is also very hot to watch it. Yes there is some massage involved, but at the same time it is also very horny to see these gorgeous women rubbing themselves on the guy before using his cock and coming.

The Site Is Growing.

Even though the site has been around for a few years, it is only now approaching the 300 mark with videos and picture sets. This is not a lot compared to other websites, but the quality of the scenes have to be seen to be believed and each scene just flies past with you being drawn into a world of massage and fucking. Oh, the content is exclusive as well.

Get A Bonus.

With this site, there are another two that you get to join making a Nuru Massage heaven. Do not bother with the trial and instead leap right in because by the end of the trial you would only be wanting more and there is a good chance that you will be searching for a real life person who can give you this wonderful massage for real.

Reality Kings Deal

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I am one of those many people that love my porn to just be in my face and as explicit as it comes. I just want raw action and to see that the people in the scenes are having the time of their life. Reality Kings is one website that does indeed provide me with that kind of action and if you just went to visit their home page you would understand what I mean.

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So this is not just one site, but instead it is a collection of over 40 different websites with each one in the collection focusing on some very individual things. If you love big tits, then Big Naturals should be right up your street. However, if it is lesbian sex that gets you aroused and turns you on, then We Live Together might be a better fix. The main thing is that within the RK club you are always going to have porn available that you will love.


Considering how much time they spend shooting porn, it is not exactly the biggest shock in the world to discover that they have almost 8,000 scenes for you to check out. You also have pretty much the same number of photo sets to check out as well, so do you ever think that boredom will be an issue here? The only problem is that you do have a daily limit of 25 movies, but each one is well worth it.

Navigation Is A Piece Of Cake.

When you have as much porn available as this, it does mean that you need to be well organized or else people are just going to get confused and lost. Thankfully, Reality Kings worked this out for themselves because the navigation system that they have put in place is right up there as one of the best. As soon as you go to the home page you see the latest scenes and of course there are also trailers to check out as well. It means in seconds you can be watching some hot group fucking, oral sex, anal, or cum shots with some of the hottest porn stars around.

Reality Kings produce real looking porn with real looking people, but does it so, so well with every scene. This site is a masterpiece and one that you really need to join.