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Team Skeet Deal

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The Team Skeet network is an impressive thing as it consists of 20 websites that brings to you such a variety of porn that you are guaranteed to never get bored.

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These guys know how to make you horny and to get your rocks off and by the looks of it they also have a lot of fun doing this.


You instantly get access to everything on their network and that does equate to a lot of porn. There are currently more than 1600 movies and 1600 picture sets available and these guys do love to do an update as well, so at least there is always something new to explore. The length of movie and number of photos per set is also above the industry average, so at least from a volume perspective there is nothing to complain about.

Now the fucking and the chicks. This network does focus on chicks between the ages of 18 and 24 and boy do they know how to fuck. They are not afraid to take on more than one cock at a time, take a cock in their ass, be fucked by guys much older than them, and to cum hard on camera for us. You get to see the action from every possible angle in scenes that are so well produced even though they do still have some of that porn acting that we all kind of love.

Everything on their network can either be streamed or downloaded and the best part is that there are no download limits at all, so you can go crazy if you want to without running into any problems. I would even go as far to recommend that you buy a new external hard drive to store all of this cool porn because once you start downloading you are never going to stop.

Team Skeet is one of those websites that you are instantly glad that you joined and you will understand why even from the moment that you land on that all important home page. You can see why they are so popular and if you love women between those ages, then I will struggle to see why you would ever go anywhere else for your porn other than this site.

Burning Angel Deal

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Sometimes with porn you need to look for something a bit different and Burning Angel is capable of delivering on just that. You see, the chicks on this site have what can only be described as an alternative look, so think of a punk style with lots of body art and you would be pretty spot on.

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However, with this site you get to see those tattoos and piercings no matter where they are on their body since they think nothing of getting naked and fucking for your viewing pleasure.


I think that it is pretty cool that there is a site that focuses on this style and indeed a lot of the chicks that appear on this site are now household names, so it is not as far out there as you would imagine. The site is dark, it is moody, but the action is as hot as anything out there and lets be honest, that is the most important thing isn’t it?

The fucking that takes place covers all of the positions and mixes that you ever expect from this type of porn site. There is a lot of straight forward vanilla fucking along with lesbian, anal and some group thrown in for good measure. I should also add that it is very well shot and it will certainly get your rocks off in next to no time and that is what you always want from a porn site.

The amount of content on there is quite impressive as there are around 700 movies, with an average length of 30 minutes, as well as over 1500 photo sets where each set has a grand total of 75 pics. They do also update on a regular basis as well, so you do feel like your membership is actually worth something rather than it just being taken for granted.

Finally, Burning Angel did previously have a network of sites and while they still exist, you do not really have to stray too far from this main central website. This does actually make life easier as everything is close to hand and browsing through their archives really has been simplified. Overall though, if you love this alternative look, then you are going to love what this site has to offer you.

Wicked Pictures Deal

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Wicked Pictures is not joking around when it comes to pornography. They have several porn awards to prove that they take their work very seriously and are all about customer satisfaction. They do videos and hardcore and pornstars and you will find lots of high-end porn productions inside this site.

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The first thing that hit our senses when we checked them out was the amount of models, pornstars and babes that they have managed to rope up. They have so many pornstars inside and they claim to have stocked more than one hundred thousand gals inside their site. Wow!


Another thing that impressed us was how straightforward these guys were with their porn action. There isn’t any BS inside and they just pump high quality hardcore porn. That is all they are concerned with, direct, unapologetic, quality hardcore porn!

The porn industry acknowledges the quality these guys produce because they have been doing their thing for a while now and have proven how good they are. Wicked Pictures is credited with launching many pornstar careers and coming up with adult films that shaped the landscape of porn, as we know it now. And you can find all the movies that this company has produced on the homepage of this site.

The long list of movies inside the homepage can be streamed only. Sucks, but the site has made sure that the streaming functions operate with minimal problems. You can speed up the streaming movies to any parts you want so you still get great service from this site.

Like we said, WICKED’S main concern is producing the best smut hardcore for their members. They have invested in a layout design that is simple to use. The material is arranged accordingly with menus and links at the top page. Using these links, members can transverse the site and check out the “movies” and “adult star directory” tabs.

The movies are alphabetically listed and when you search for a model and click on her link, you are given every single movie she has done for these guys. You will find “behind-scene” and update content engaging and you are not going to have major problems with navigation tools and features.

Wicked Pictures lets its material, the super quality production of the movies, and hardcore pornstars, talk to you rather than use big advertising gimmicks. They shy away from all the hype and BS that lesser porn companies use to sell you their product. Once you taste their honey, you will not want anybody diluting the sweetness of the action you just licked up! You need to check them out!

Bang Bros Deal

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Bang Bros has a legend to maintain and they do so by offering new visitors lots of promises. They promise that they have the best pornsite the world has ever seen! They promise they have 40-plus sites, exclusive action, high definition quality, over 9000 videos and more than 2000 models inside.

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This company has been chucking out productions for the good part of decade. They have discovered their talent and expertise at combining hot pornstars and amateurs and making some smacking good reality action. They have concentrated on hardcore and gonzo and have definitely become gurus of the porn industry.


There is literally nothing that they will not touch from feet, milfs, asses, teens, anal, and other various hardcore categories. Any porn critic who does an assessment of this network and porn company comes out whistling and saying they are wickedly good at what they do.

You will find one common members area when you join this 43-site network. The sites are different with each having its own niche and theme. You will see sites like the well-known BANG BUS, TUG JOBS, MONSTERS OF COCK, BIG TITS ROUND ASSES, and a boatload of gonzo, reality, high quality sites. Your access is completely unlimited.

If you have different sexual obsessions that you need to satisfy, this network has material to sate your desires. They having Latinas dishing out their goodies to hard pricks, they love the good-old big titties and asses, and you will find lesbian and toy play very enticing. The gals range from tight teens to sexy milfs so you will have lots of variety to choose from. Gangbangs also happen and threesomes and CFNM action is definitely available.

The library of material that Bang Bros has is huge and you will be happy with the production quality. A lot of the action is produced in-house and that means you will have exclusive material only available on this network. They also love doing daily updates so you will not run out things to watch.

If you look at the older material, there are fewer options when it comes to formats for the films. And most of the additions (if not all) done after 2009 are in high definition mp4 formats. The playback quality of these films will please all your senses and you will be glad you joined this network!

For the picture gallery, you will find that most of the films are accompanied by pictures so except a huge number of galleries. There are images hitting 2000p by 1333p resolution, so yeah, definitely high res stuff! Downloading the pictures is possible using the ZIP file.

When it comes to navigation, what you are getting is high quality professional looking layout. You can easily browse all that these guys have to offer, go to sites, look at updates, see what’s the newest and latest, and sort the material. You will not lack tools and features to use when you are on this network.

If you decide that you want action that is superb looking, presented by a veteran porn-producing site, gonzo themed and reality oriented, then you should visit Bang Bros. Membership here will be valuable to you in a great many number of ways!

Porn Pros Deal

New Porn Pros Discount

Empirical deductions always draw the best conclusions. First attempts may not show the greatest of all results, but at least you will be able to draw comparisons that can really give you the depth of detailing that will really show which among the choices prove to be the best.

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With that kind of plan of action, you’re gonna need tons of bullets in your arsenal. And when it comes to getting the best porn video for the day everyday, you’re gonna need something as big as an entire social media network and its members. Recently, I just realized how Porn Pros Network works is always in a way that meets the purpose of my goals in the erotic sense.


If you’re up for quality and quantity, you won’t really have to have a difficult decision making session anymore. Going by my experience in accord with the experience of other users of the network, Porn Pros is as neat as one adult videos site can be. For one thing, it produces videos that are in full blown HD without missing out on the bed action it takes to become a real good porn star. On another note, they have the models that range from Asian-American to Latin Americans, which goes to say that diversity is key to pornographic brilliance. 

What Do You Get with the PornPros Network?

Porn Pros Network does not want any of its users to fall short, that’s why they bring you among all the others, including me, the best possible porn contents with a quantity of over 6,300 plus. Every video would run at least 10 minutes each and every scene and session is as real as one can get for porn video. It’s actually a conglomerate of 25 video sites ranging from niches of MILF and cougars all the way to teen spirits and candies. What’s more amazing is that it’s only $19.99 a month.

X Art Deal

New X Art Discount

My favorite author once told me that everyone should make good art and that no one is an exemption to that course of action. Neil Gaiman is indeed a god of words and wisdom. Needless to say I want to be just as good as him.

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I also realized that making good art means being an expressionist, so I turned to the erotic elements knowing for a fact that I love women and I love it when they are nude. And in order to get some inspiration, I had to turn to the artistic generators of nudity. That is when I saw the fervor and beauty that X Art exudes with.


X Art is one of the newest and perhaps in a way a prototype kind of porn site that dwells on expressionism. It is filled with liberal nudity and gentle masochism. Here, you will be amazed with a how girl gets a tat by her boyfriend and then just a couple minutes of resting the tattooed back, the guy will engage for sex. While some pains tingle, the woman endures it throughout the session because they live by the philosophy that with pain comes the highest form of liberation. If you’re not just another lecherous guy who’s only up for the penetration but more on the passion that flows through bodies that collide, then should be just as good for you as it is wonderful for me. 

Making art takes time and there’s no better way for the best produce than to be patient. With XArt, you will see how every video is a piece not just mastered, but remastered for a glorious outcome. Every move will elicit an arousing response to your body and soul. Going by the quantum of videos it currently holds that runs at about 240, you will witness the beauty of sex as an art that can truly be expressed in the most creative of ways. Every video is at full HD so you will be able to see every bit of the festooning detail and feel as though you are living the moments depicted by such art. 

With crisp and clear video contents that run at 20 minutes to say the least and on, founded by a paradigm of passion for love, X Art wins my heart with its $9.95 worth of monthly subscription.