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Sometimes with porn you need to look for something a bit different and Burning Angel is capable of delivering on just that. You see, the chicks on this site have what can only be described as an alternative look, so think of a punk style with lots of body art and you would be pretty spot on.

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However, with this site you get to see those tattoos and piercings no matter where they are on their body since they think nothing of getting naked and fucking for your viewing pleasure.


I think that it is pretty cool that there is a site that focuses on this style and indeed a lot of the chicks that appear on this site are now household names, so it is not as far out there as you would imagine. The site is dark, it is moody, but the action is as hot as anything out there and lets be honest, that is the most important thing isn’t it?

The fucking that takes place covers all of the positions and mixes that you ever expect from this type of porn site. There is a lot of straight forward vanilla fucking along with lesbian, anal and some group thrown in for good measure. I should also add that it is very well shot and it will certainly get your rocks off in next to no time and that is what you always want from a porn site.

The amount of content on there is quite impressive as there are around 700 movies, with an average length of 30 minutes, as well as over 1500 photo sets where each set has a grand total of 75 pics. They do also update on a regular basis as well, so you do feel like your membership is actually worth something rather than it just being taken for granted.

Finally, Burning Angel did previously have a network of sites and while they still exist, you do not really have to stray too far from this main central website. This does actually make life easier as everything is close to hand and browsing through their archives really has been simplified. Overall though, if you love this alternative look, then you are going to love what this site has to offer you.