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My favorite author once told me that everyone should make good art and that no one is an exemption to that course of action. Neil Gaiman is indeed a god of words and wisdom. Needless to say I want to be just as good as him.

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I also realized that making good art means being an expressionist, so I turned to the erotic elements knowing for a fact that I love women and I love it when they are nude. And in order to get some inspiration, I had to turn to the artistic generators of nudity. That is when I saw the fervor and beauty that X Art exudes with.


X Art is one of the newest and perhaps in a way a prototype kind of porn site that dwells on expressionism. It is filled with liberal nudity and gentle masochism. Here, you will be amazed with a how girl gets a tat by her boyfriend and then just a couple minutes of resting the tattooed back, the guy will engage for sex. While some pains tingle, the woman endures it throughout the session because they live by the philosophy that with pain comes the highest form of liberation. If you’re not just another lecherous guy who’s only up for the penetration but more on the passion that flows through bodies that collide, then XArt.com should be just as good for you as it is wonderful for me. 

Making art takes time and there’s no better way for the best produce than to be patient. With XArt, you will see how every video is a piece not just mastered, but remastered for a glorious outcome. Every move will elicit an arousing response to your body and soul. Going by the quantum of videos it currently holds that runs at about 240, you will witness the beauty of sex as an art that can truly be expressed in the most creative of ways. Every video is at full HD so you will be able to see every bit of the festooning detail and feel as though you are living the moments depicted by such art. 

With crisp and clear video contents that run at 20 minutes to say the least and on, founded by a paradigm of passion for love, X Art wins my heart with its $9.95 worth of monthly subscription.