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If you’re thinking about enjoying some good old porn that’s kind of in the queer side, then you’re definitely going to enjoy what Dog Fart has got to offer you.

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Rather than sounding gross, the collective sentiment of all those who subscribe to DogFart find the name of the site itself profoundly entertaining. Rather than vicariously experiencing that brown gas swirling throughout the atmosphere, Dog Fart draws quite a different response to its patronages. For one thing, though, the real story behind such name came from the whole idea of it being a black is the majority kind of porn site.


The creation of this site revolved around the idea being that black people mixed with white people in the society can really trigger some extent of sexual drive because most black people are beefed up and in that sense, attractive. Statistically speaking, 6 out of 12 women enjoy the company of black people not only because of their spontaneous approach and wonderful talks, but also because they have a certain sexual prowess, making them quite the perfect bed mates. They have big penises and real abs. Like what else could a woman look for with all of that?

Dog Fart was originally a small base porn site consisting only of over 40 videos that were mostly POV porn videos. Due to the patronage level it was able to garner last year, it became exponentially bigger now having over 1200 videos in its widely scoping database. Most of the videos are playable in HD mode and they can even be downloaded. Downloading the video also allows every user to choose what format he wants it to be in such as MP4, WMV or as a simple FLV file. Add to that the fact that there are also over 1000 photo galleries in DogFart, which would sum up to over 200,000 high quality pictures all in all, if all the galleries are collapsed or expanded to the atomic level of viewing.

The Verdict

Dog Fart’s subscription rate is only at 9.99 dollars a month. Considering the vast range of content it delivers, it is definitely worth subscribing to. So, enjoy!