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Not just me there are thousands of other porn lovers who was first introduced with porn by Playboy TV. Still miss those beautiful women and those days while you just switch on the TV and get started. They broadcast those programs 24X7 and still they have lots of fans like me.

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So, when I first heard about their website I was so happy and wished to see those angels of my childhood again. Well, their website does not contain those classic shows but still they feature some most beautiful women in the planet.


Playboy TV is not like those regular porn sites and they don’t feature same old category or contents either. In fact the layout of the website is a bit different than others and interesting information about this site is it doesn’t have any photo gallery. So, if you are one of those who like to download sweet girl’s pictures might be a bit disappointed but they made it up with lots of videos. There are 78 series and lots of episodes which results in 1815 videos.

I should say that if you like porn videos which are full of hardcore fucking from the beginning till the end then this is not your site. There is lots of interesting TV shows which will make you sit back and pass time like you watch TV rather than just watching it and J/O. In the menu they have a lot to offer the members. Some significant series which I love most are “69 Sexy Things” which is shot on exotic locations, “Totally Busted” features exciting hidden camera shows, “7Lives Xposed” is a reality show. If you need any knowledge or instructional videos, just check out “School of Sex” series and you will see and know a lot of interesting things. In “Playboy bunnies” addition there are shows which feature wannabe centerfolds, amateurs and some popular porn superstars of your dream like Bridgette B or Tera Patrick.

One of my favorite reality shows is “Foursome”. Two girls and two boys are locked in a house for 24 hours. There are hidden cameras at every corner of the house so if they get wild they get caught as well. It’s like watching something on MTV for 30 minutes to an hour where on-camera sucking and fucking takes place occasionally. All of these in Mp4 or HD add more fun. Members can sign up for other Playboy TV sites as well at a very low cost.